Promptitude, determination and professionalism are the values that govern our work in projects assigned to us

Labor Disputes

For the General Manager and for the HR Manager, handling labor disputes represent a great challenge. Managing such situations involve a lot of stress and major financial risks for the company. Along the issues which can be measured in money, tied to the possibility of losing a potential law suit,[…]

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Incorporate a Company in Romania.

Are you looking to optimize the costs of your operational centre? Establishing your back office in Romania, as an operations centre, might be a solution. Most of the small and medium companies which we helped to establish a back office in Romania and other big companies such as Amazon, Oracle,[…]

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Goodwill Acquisition. Client’s Portfolio

For the people in the management of the company, especially for the General Manager and for the Sales Manager, increasing the market share, the goodwill and, implicitly, the company’s profit, represent the main goals. Reaching such objectives through organic growth involve allocating big budgets for marketing and sales, sustained efforts[…]

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Do you represent a company which is already set up in the Romanian market? Are you looking the improve the quality of legal advice and accountancy support that you receive? Most of our clients have had issues with their former providers, such as: – difficulty in communicating because of the[…]

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