Lawyer’s Legal Report on Company Incorporation and Taxes

Before you incorporate a company it is necessary for you to find out what kind of company is better for your business model, what are the taxes and monthly costs. A complete legal report can protect your business from future unexpected costs and fines.

What kind of company suits you better?  Profit tax payer, income tax payer, VAT or NON VAT payer?

The decision you take will make the difference between making or losing money.

I can help you choose the right type of company.

How does it work?

Give me your estimated profit, turnover and details about your business model.

I will show you the numbers and you will choose the right type of company for you.

I strongly advise that before starting the actual incorporation procedure of your business in Romania, to also know the following information:

  • The taxes applicable for turnover, profits, monthly wages, dividends;

  • VAT provisions and requirements;

  • Monthly operating costs for a Romanian company (accountancy, payroll, work safety and health requirements);

  • How to finance the new company at the beginning in order for it to start operating;

  • Special legal requirements for carrying out the activity of the company (special authorizations, agreements with providers/clients).

In my opinion, this information will help you to have a clear picture over the total costs and legal requirements that a Romanian LTD involves.


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Ionel Vacarescu  – Corporate and Tax Lawyer



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