“The Theft” Has Moved Online

We live in a reality where more and more things move on the internet: businesses, shopping and … “crimes”.

Let us imagine the following situation, which some of you have already experienced.

You have a website where you post various information, so well conceived and nicely presented that others want to present it on their own website.

First of all, you need to know if someone else steals your website’s content. This is very easy to accomplish, the methods being various:

–          Copy a sentence from your website’s content, add the necessary quotes and search on Google. If the phrase is found in the content of other websites that you do not own, Google will discover instantly;

–          Using online platforms similar to Copyscape;

Following the research, carried out according to the above, you discover that on another website the exact text that belongs to you is posted, that site using your text like it would be its own, without stating the source.

Although the legislation is at the beginning in this field in Romania and apparently you do not have the necessary means to act and stop the “theft”, there are some actions you could take.

The first step, after identifying the “thief” is to send a notification asking them to stop the illegal use of your content, to specify the source of the text or to add a back link. Also, you can ask them to conciliation.

In case the dispute cannot be settled in the amicable stage, you can move to the next phase, namely the judicial one, by filling a complaint, with the competent court of law, against the person who is copying the content of your website in order to post it on its own website.

Have you ever found yourself in such a situation?

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