How we work

We approach the method of collaboration in a flexible way. Depending on each client, we can work in different versions that insure our client’s financial comfort and a good price reported to the high quality of the services provided.

Managing a project in 8 steps

1. Meeting to analyze and indentify the customer’s needs. 2. Studying the given situations.
3. Establishing the project’s goals and the appropriate strategies in order to achieve these.
4. Developing an action plan to achieve the goals.
5. Explaining the plan to the client and obtaining his approval.
6. Enforcement of the activity plan and informing the client on the status of the project.
7. Report of the completion of the activity plan.
8. The project assessment by the client.

Monthly subscription

At the request of our clients we have created this type of collaboration that provides permanent legal assistance, the lawyer’s availability and a competitive financial approach. The benefits of the monthly subscription for clients:
1. Developing a long-term relationship is fundamental for the progress of a business by increasing the debt collection rate and decreasing the number of litigations.
2. The client’s comfort due to the 9/24 hour time availability for solving the legal situations arisen.
3. Addressing with priority the legal situations of subscription clients.
4. Developing a long-term collaboration based on trust and knowledge of specific legal issues of the subscription client.
5. Monthly assessment of services provided by sending a report to the client.
6. Preferential fees reduced by up to 50% of the standard fee scale.

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