How can you deal with slander on the internet?

A problem encountered by many entrepreneurs is the slandering of their business on different blogs and social media networks. Can the slanderers hide behind the Freedom of speech right? Many of those who use such methods in order to bring harm to the image, dignity and honor of a person[…]

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Cloud – Benefits, solutions and legal aspects

It was my pleasure to attend an event organized by the Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce, where I was one of the speakers: “Knowledge Center Enabling the Cloud – Benefits, solutions and legal aspects”. On the subject: Legal issues in cloud computing agreements Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly attractive[…]

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How Do I Incorporate an Individual Company?

Have you thought about incorporating a company? You don’t know which type of company to choose? Have you considered incorporating an individual company? Do you want to find out how you can incorporate a company – individual company? Are you wondering what incorporating an individual company implies? In order to[…]

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