Did you know that you can now check if a company inside the European Union is insolvent?

From now on we can access an interactive internet portal that can enable us to check the financial situation of our European business partners, no matter if they are individuals or legal persons. This site grants us the access to The European Union’s Insolvency Register where we can search through different criteria like:

– name or country;
– insolvency case file number;
– competent court.

How can we find out?
All we have to do is to access the page https://e-justice.europa.eu/home.do, where we will select the language we want to use when interacting with the portal. Later on, in the left part of the screen we will find a menu that grants access to EU Registers, where we will select, under the title Insolvency Registers, the function “Search in the interconnected insolvency registers”.

Why is this portal useful?
Because it enables us to obtain precious information regarding our business partners that can be crucial when signing an agreement.
This portal becomes a main tool that helps us to lower the risk of not collecting our money from our business partners.

Do not forget to access this portal before signing an agreement with a company inside the European Union in order to make sure the company is not insolvent!

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