Are you considering registering as an Authorized Natural Person (PFA) in Romania?

Are you a foreign citizen and have you thought about registering as an authorized natural person in Romania?
Are you wondering what registering as an authorized natural person implies?
Do you want to find out what are the right steps to follow?

In order to register as an authorized natural person (PFA), firstly, you have to fulfill a few preconditions:
-be a Romanian citizen or a citizen of another EU member state or member of the European Economical Space;
– not be convicted for crimes punished by financial laws, customs laws or the laws that concern tax discipline;
– be fiscally registered in Romania.

If you fulfill the preconditions above, you can register at the Trade Registry as an authorized natural person and you will need the following for your file:
-to fill out an application for registration;
-to have the original proof of name reservation (when you apply for the name reservation, the Trade Registry will select your name as it is mentioned in your ID card followed by the word “PFA”);
-a copy of your identity card or of your passport;
-documents that attest the right of ownership over the headquarters used;
You will need to establish a professional headquarter so that you can present in front of the trade registry the documents proving the right of usage over that space. You will have the capacity to conclude a rental agreement (registered at the Public Finance Administration), a sublease agreement (registered at the Public Finance Administration), a free lease agreement with the owner of the space where you will register the office (registered at the Public Finance Administration).
If you are the owner of the space where you want to set up the office you will also need documents like a sale-purchase agreement, construction authorization, depending on the case.
Furthermore, when your future headquarter is in a building where there are neighbors/owner’s association, you will need their approval for setting up the office.
-the signature specimen (you give this in front of the public notary or in front of the ORC director/his deputy);
-statement on own responsibility to certify the fulfillment of the legal conditions stipulated by special legislation functioning in the following departments: healthcare, veterinary, environmental and labor protection;
– have the necessary professional studies or working experience in the field where you want to carry out your activity as an authorized natural person;
– have the documents which attest the professional studies recognized by the Romanian Education Ministry;
-evidence of payment of legal fees: in this case, registry fees.

In order for the trade registry to process your request for authorized natural person, it will take a maximum of 3 working days. The fees charged by the Trade Registry for registering as an authorized natural person are about 300 RON.

What are the benefits of registering as an authorized natural person?
1. You can have employees;
2. Accountancy will be held in simple bookkeeping according to the Tax Code;
3. Registration and administration costs are lower than the costs of a limited liability company, for example.

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