Agriculture lawyer

1. Are you competing to buy an agricultural land? How to eliminate competition which offers a better price through a pre-agreement professionally realized.

2. Do you want to buy a plot but there isn’t: a title of property, cadastre, shared inheritance? What to do.

3. Do you work a rented land and the owner wants to sell it? What happens to the rental agreement in this situation?

4. Are you pressed by debt and you don’t have enough money to pay all of them? Learn how to manage such situations.

5. What are the fees and taxes paid by a farmer in Romania?

6. What are the subventions granted in agriculture?

7. Do you want to irrigate the land for a better production? What can you do in order to follow the law.

8. Do you need labor force? What are the legal ways to work in agriculture and the costs incurred for each.

9. Do you need financing? To what should a farmer pay attention when signing a contract with the bank.

10. Do you have VAT to recover? Find out how you can cash in.

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