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Lawyer’s Legal Report on Real Estate Investment and Taxes

What type of ownership suits you best for Romanian real estate? As a natural person or as a company? Which type of company? Where should you be resident?

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Lawyer’s Legal Report on Taxes and Other Obligations of Romanian Residents

Find out what taxes you will pay as a Romanian resident, including how your incomes from other states will be taxed with this legal report.

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Lawyer’s Legal Report on Company Incorporation and Taxes

Before you incorporate a company it is necessary for you to find out what kind of company is better for your business model, what are the taxes and monthly costs. A complete legal report can protect your business from future unexpected costs and fines.

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Lawyer’s Due Diligence for Real Estate Acquisition

Eliminate all the legal risks when buying a property. Hire a lawyer for checking the ownership title, the land book and the courts’ pending suits.

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